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  • New Client Experience

    Our Complimentary New Client Experience begins with a conversation about you, your family, your practice, your goals and dreams, and to discover how we can help you accelerate your ability to start living your Ideal Life. Typically, we find is that there is some confusion, lack of clarity or lack of strategic thinking around some of the elements of your Ideal Lift which inhibit your ability to achieve it as fast as possible. Other times, we discover that you just need someone to consistently focus on the execution of the details to accelerate your outcomes. Through our discussions, we’ll help you to get crystal clear about the future you want to achieve and the specific steps to get you there.


    If you wish to move forward, we’ll come to you for The Financial Roadmap Experience. There we’ll capture your most deeply held values, define your most important financial and non-financial goals and then look at the financial strategies that can be deployed to support and accelerate the accomplishment of all of your goals.


    We’ll look for areas where you can begin living your Ideal Life immediately, while we design a plan for making the balance a reality in just a few short months or years. We’ll use all of the resources at our disposal to create an Overarching Financial Strategy integrated into an Ideal Life Plan that will get you there as fast as possible. In addition, we’ll be implementing our 143 checkpoint system in all areas of finance (Financial Planning, Insurance, Taxes, Mortgages, Real Estate, Money Management and Wills, Trusts and Estates and Practice Valuation) to ensure that your entire financial house is put in perfect order and kept that way forever.


    From there, the team takes over, designing a detailed action plan for achieving every aspect of your Ideal Life. We will be meeting 6 times over the first year to deliver solutions and to discuss how we can further accelerate your ability to live your Ideal Life.


  • Ideal Life Design

    Most of us have ended up where we are by focusing on one area of our lives at a time, (dental school, romance, investments, marriage and kids, location, etc.) We probably had a pretty good idea of the general direction we were headed but few of us had a comprehensive design for our lives. This offering is about giving yourself the gift of true design… unhurried time to sit back and think through each of the potential choices about what you want your future life to look like, sound like and feel like. Once you have a clear and integrated design for every area of your life, you will realize your dreams in record time because we will be there to help and coach to keep you on track until you get there.

  • Business Strategy

    It seems that dentists are natural entrepreneurs. In addition to their practice, they seem to have the need to invest in other kinds of businesses. We have a business strategist on the team with over 30 years of experience helping small entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies design and execute strategies for growth and profitability. If you’ve got a business, we’ll help you optimize it.

  • Dental Practice Consulting

    We partner with the best dental practice consultants in the business and regardless of your level of success, we’ll help you find one that will take your practice to the next level. We always need to be learning and growing, and growing your practice is likely the highest and best use of your time. We’ll help you identify opportunities for growth and find the right partner to deliver that growth with the highest Return on Investment. We’ll also monitor their consulting to ensure that you are getting real value every month.

  • Critical Dental Conversation Coaching and Training Software

    Every conversation that occurs in your practice either builds your reputation and practice or destroys trust and ruins opportunities for referrals. Our proprietary Dental Conversation Coach software trains your staff and keeps them trained with very little time required from you. Dental Conversation Coach trains your staff every week while you are being productive. You will have the best trained staff in your area with Dental Communication Coach. Conversations matter. Dental Communications Coach makes sure every one of them builds your practice.

  • Bookkeeping

    Let’s face it. You hate bookkeeping and finding and training the right bookkeeper is a pain. Let us do it for you. We’ve developed sophisticated virtual bookkeeping systems and processes that ensure that you ALWAYS have a handle on your revenue, production, margin, growth, costs and profitability. You’ll get a monthly P&L and Balance sheet that is up to date and accurate, and because we’ll be doing it, we’ll never have to call you to ask for your data to take care of the rest of your plan.

  • Fractional CFO


    This is our most popular new offering.

    You need a personal CFO to keep up with your business interests, equipment purchase, real estate, refinancing’s, large financial decisions, business metrics and access to financial markets. The problem is that you don’t need that person full time.

    Our Fractional CFO is just the ticket. Use only what you need and pay a fraction, but get the expertise of a true CFO!

  • Fully Comprehensive, Financial Planning, Ongoing Plan Implementation, Execution and Proactive Course Corrections

    There are many firms that claim to offer Fully Comprehensive Financial Planning, but few really do. Most are CPA firms that offer financial advice or insurance agents that offer money management. Most are investment firms that offer incomplete or weak financial plans.


    We are different. (Please see the “Why Aligned” section). We use a TEAM of Deep Subject Matter Experts in each area of finance including Financial Planning, Insurance, Taxes, Mortgages, Autos, Real Estate, Money Management, Wills, Trusts and Estates, Transaction Attorneys, Practice Valuation, Business Strategy and more. The team looks first looks at your personal Ideal Life Design and your personal Financial Road Map to understand where you are trying to go. Then they work together as a team to help you get there on the shortest, fastest possible route. They work together all year long looking for every strategy or tactic that can accelerate your journey. No other firm is dedicated solely to dentists which means no other firm understands your world like we do. No other firm offers Truly Comprehensive Financial Planning. No other firm EXECUTES the plan for you, freeing you up to do what you do best.


    We believe the highest and best use of your time is to grow your practice, invest in your community and spend time with your family enjoying your Ideal Life. We’ll take care of the rest.


  • Tax Services

    We hate taxes as much as you do. It’s our job to proactively minimize your taxes and ensure that you are always in compliance and that all of your taxes are filed and paid on time. Period. We’re experts in the unique tax opportunities available to dentists and we’ll make sure you are taking advantage of all of them.

  • Investments


    Many dentists are Real Estate investors which means that most investment professionals aren’t interested in working with you because they make their money by taking a percentage of your assets. Because we charge a flat annual fee for our services, we are investment agnostic, meaning we don’t care if you invest in real estate, the stock market, antique cars, gold nuggets or rare art. We are here to help you optimize every area of your Ideal Life.


    We believe staying the course with low cost investing is the fastest path to wealth. You won’t find us offering high-cost fancy investment vehicles. We stick to low-cost plain vanilla investments that enable you to reach your goals faster.


  • Practice Transitions

    Have you built your practice to the point where you would like to take out some immediate cash while still maintaining control of the practice and continuing your extraordinary work? We’ll help you create a transition plan, find the right partner and handle all the paperwork to make it happen. We’ve done a lot of them and we know how to get them done fast and right.

  • Selling Your Practice

    There comes a time when every dentist chooses to sell. We can walk you through the do’s and don’ts and handle all the legal paperwork and minimize your taxes in the process. We’ve got the experts to hold your hand through every aspect of what can be a very tricky event. We’ll show you how to make it look easy.

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