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We've launched a Fractional CFO Service!

We are excited to launch our blog because we’ve got great news to share.

We are launching a Fractional CFO service for our clients. We believe that every dental practice should be purpose driven and that you should be able to measure progress toward your goals with metrics. That’s why we’ve launched our new Fractional CFO service to provide:

  • Comprehensive Timely Monthly Financial Statements (business and personal) for all of your entities
  • Metrics Design- to determine the right metrics to track
  • Metrics Monitoring- to show you where you are on track and off track
  • Banking Relationship Management- to help you get and keep the financing you need to grow
  • Integrated bookkeeping- so you always know exactly where you stand and know that your books are being kept properly
  • Much More… Call us today to learn how you can get started
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