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    Each member of your team, or Subject Matter Expert (SME), has been hand-selected through a vigorous vetting process to ensure they are the best in class in their individual fields of study. They are here to ensure your comprehensive lifetime financial strategy matches the values and goals listed on your Financial Road Map® and that each and every one of the 143 Deliverable Checkpoints promised to you are completed in the most proactive and efficient way possible.

    Eric Weitzen

    Estate Planning SME

    Eric Weitzen began his career in New York where he worked at General Electric’s corporate finance offices. Tired of the weather, he moved to Southern California where he received his law degree from the California Western School of Law. Here, he concentrated his time on the areas of estate planning, real estate and business transactions, as well as on being editor of the school’s Law Review.

    He has lectured extensively on behalf of many financial institutions and charitable organi- zations regarding estate planning and charitable giving and has served on the board of trustees of many organizations including the UCSD Foundation and the San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club.

    Eric is an avid golfer and enjoys kayaking and bike rides with his wife.

    Dillon Mullenix

    Financial Planning SME

    Dillon Mullenix has been a financial planner since 2007. While head of a boutique wealth management firm, he realized the importance and need of truly compre- hensive financial planning in his client’s lives and became a Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP).

    Dillon currently serves on three non-profit boards focused on education and leadership as a way of giving whenever he can to help others make progress in their lives. Dillon is also very active in his local church where he is often given the opportunity to share his professional expertise.

    While not working, Dillon enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, playing guitar and working on home improvement projects. He and his wife Jamie of 14 years have two children, Cole and Ellieanna.

    Rob Eagleston

    Insurance SME

    Rob Eagleston has carried on a family tradition started in 1965 of helping clients establish peace of mind through the proper implementation of insurance and has established himself as a leader in the insurance industry.

    He obtained his insurance license and started in the business in 1999 while studying Business and Spanish at Brigham Young University and quickly gained a passion for helping clients to achieve peace of mind through proper and adequate insurance implementation.

    Rob has been married to his wife Brooke for 13 years and has four kids. He loves spending time with his family, playing various sports, the guitar, wakeboarding, snowboarding and serves as a mentor to the youth of his church.

    Brent Burns

    Money Management SME

    As President and co-founder of Asset Dedication, a money management system specializing in liability driven investing, Brent Burns has focused his career on bringing individual clients pension fund-like investment strategies.

    While at the University of San Fransisco’s School of Business, he along with colleague Stephen J. Huxley began the research that would lead to their book, Asset Dedication, and later their money management platform. This research led them to establish a blueprint for retirement income portfolios for individual clients that worked similarly to those common within the institutional world.

    Brent is an avid athlete, having been on the US National Track and Field Team in 1994 and an Olympic Trials finalist in 1992, 1996 and 2000 for Pole Vault.

    John Urrutia

    Tax SME

    John Urrutia has been a practicing CPA for over thirty years. He leads his practice’s Dental Industry division and expects business owners to look to him not just as a tax preparer but as a strategic partner. He believes in combining the services of a large-scale firm with the personalized attention of a smaller business.

    By focusing on proactive planning, John has made it a priority to provide clients with small course corrections throughout the year to ensure there are no surprises or stress come tax season.

    John and his wife of 16 years, Tami have four children. He loves spending time with his family, playing softball with his daughters and mentoring the youth by coaching his children’s softball teams year round.

    Laura Trevino

    Administrative Manager

    Laura Trevino is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego where she studied Social Psychology and Business with a focus on Organizational Behavior. Through her work in various on campus research labs including experiments on empathy and motivation in the workplace, and as the manager of an economics lab, she has gained an understanding and a passion for the inner workings of successful business practices.

    As a San Diego native, Laura enjoys the beach, swimming and spending time with her cat, Toby.

    Contact: ltrevino@alignedadvisors.com

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