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    Creating And Implementing Financial Strategies For Dental Practices

    Everything we do is designed to ensure that you and your family thrive in every aspect of your life. We are designed from the ground up for one purpose - to optimize the personal and professional lives of dentists.



  • Rich Doc, Poor Doc

    Two Grandfathers, Two Stories.

  • Dr. Gordan Moffat, DDS

    Poor Doc

    Dr. Gordan Moffat had no real design, believing that if he just earned enough money, everything would somehow take care of itself. He lived for the moment and spent every penny he earned until one day when he was suddenly no longer able to work.

    Dr. Robert Nobles, MD

    Rich Doc

    Dr. Robert Nobles had a very clear picture of how he wanted his life to unfold with a written plan to ensure that he stayed on track to his vision. He lived purposefully in the early years to ensure that his savings and investments would carry him through his life…. and they did.

  • Jonathan Moffat

    Dedicated to making sure all docs are rich docs

    Jonathan was imprinted by these two starkly different lives and was deeply impacted by their stories. He vowed to live like his grandfather, Dr. Nobles, and to dedicate his life to helping dentists thrive.

  • Your Entire Life vs.

    Just Your Investments

    The decisions you make in each area of your practice, your finances and your life impacts every other area. Investing more in the practice means less for the family. A better lifestyle for the family means less investment available for the practice, employees or retirement savings. Too much insurance may make you feel safe at the expense of your investment potential. Too little may make you vulnerable in the areas where you are most likely to be at risk, derailing all of your plans. We don’t focus on one narrow area. We create a Comprehensive Lifetime Strategy that will give you the greatest probability of thriving in every area of your life.

  • FAQ


    How do I get started? Call us at 858-752-8396. We are easy to talk to and just want to get to know you, your practice and your family. We’ve handled pretty much every challenge you can have in a dental practice so call us and share your goals, your dreams, your challenges and your frustrations. We’ll listen carefully and then we’ll see if there is a bridge we can build to get you from where you are today to where you want to go tomorrow.


    Do you work nationally? Yes. We support dentists and their practices coast-to-coast.


    What makes you different? We are the ONLY Fully Comprehensive Financial Services Firm dedicated solely to dentists and their families. See the “Why Aligned” tab for more detail.


    How much does it cost? We operate like a consulting firm or your CPA. Fees will vary based on the services we provide to your practice but we always charge one simple flat fee per month for everything we do for you. Everything will be 100% transparent and disclosed up front. There are no hidden fees or surprises and we never charge asset management fees.


    How do I know if I can trust you? We’ll be happy to provide references.

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